US Army Secret Stealth Mission

US Army Secret Stealth Mission

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In US Army Secret Stealth Mission, you will jump into the shoes of a US army commando hero whose life is at risk, survival is difficult, time is hard but aim is high. US Army Secret Stealth Mission is a survival battle against terrorist army to protect home town. It’s an extreme shooting battle against deadly enemy armed with modern sniper rifles. The enemy has invaded your country, set up their army camps and have taken over army towers. Enemies have evil missions. US army has sent their trained army commando for a survival mission to shoot and kill enemy armed force. You have sharp sniper shooting skills and can easily shoot down the criminal terrorist squad. Go ahead, become a real sniper hero commando of stealth mission survival game of 2017 where there is much chaos and destruction.
Play the role of a US army commando secret agent and win the shooting battle against deadly enemy army force. Take out you super sniper gun, chase enemies, hit hard and shoot down the terrorists with your modern assault sniper rifle with epic sniping stunts. Take this stealth battle mission to a whole new level and bring victory home. US Army Secret Stealth Mission will let you make critical shooting strikes at enemy army so you can become a real sniper hero of elite US army counter terrorist force. This epic stealth shooting pursuit in country outskirts need sharp shooting skills and killer strategy and extreme tactics. Fighting alone with big evil army squad requires a lot of stamina and energy to win the sniping battle. Let’s be the real US army commando hero of this stealth battle mission and defend your country on first priority. Show the world your epic sniper shooting skills. Hit hard, counter enemy attacks, strive for extreme survival in this stealth shooting mission of 2017.
Win the war against terror in this amazing intense shooting mission of 2017 as a US army commando hero of stealth force. Battle out the furious enemy force, stand for its survival, shoot all the terrorist with your modern assault sniper rifles, hand grenade and win your stealth mission as a real US army commando hero 2017. Elite US army has given you this epic chance to become real sniper commando hero by shooting down the brutal terrorist group in a stealth. Your secret stealth mission is to shoot down the terrorist, restore city survival and improve law & order of your country. Don't under estimate the criminal as they have been given extreme sniper shooting training. Make your army proud by winning the extreme shooting battle against terrorist in an amazing stealth mission of 2017.
• Epic Shooting Mission against Terrorist Force!
• Take Perfect Sniper Shots with Assault Sniper Rifles!
• Chance to become Top US Army Commando Sniper Hero!
• Amazing First Person Shooting Action Game of 2017!
• Challenging Secret Stealth Army Agent Missions!
• Intense Gameplay, Superb 3d Graphics and Engaging Sound Effects!
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