Tiger vs Dinosaur Adventure 3D

Tiger vs Dinosaur Adventure 3D

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Wild Tiger vs dinosaur adventure is here! Enjoy the astounding jungle animal simulator with action packed missions of animal fighting. Tiger simulator gameplay; fight against the super dinosaur and tear down the giant tyrannosaurus. Angry tiger claw strike can hunt down dangerous wild animals in one strike. Wild Dino gameplay: do wild tiger hunting with your deadly sharp teeth. Powerful dinosaur can kill the jungle king – Tiger, and rule his kingdom. Now switch the sides and play as wild lion defending its kingship from the violent tyrannosaurus Dino. Save jungle life from dinosaur war against wild animals and kill them all in this brutal jungle chaos.
In wild jungle adventure, kill aggressive animals and keep hunting and dinosaurs. The face-off of beasts is awesome. Playing as t-rex dino, your end target is to challenge the clan of angry tiger and if you are playing the wild tiger rampage, you need to go head to head versus trex dinosaur. War is on fire, defend forestry against dino attack, monstrous spinosaurus twin and take back your territory. Enjoy the action packed tiger attack simulator game with jurassic dino hunt missions. Hunt enemy dinosaur and dominate the landscape.
In wild dinosaur hunting simulator, chase the tiger in rainforest and kill wildlife super bosses of African forests. Stay alert and focused the forest tiger revenge is on and it chase & hunt them in super dino adventure game. Control the beast in its fits of fury and help it survive by chasing, attacking, fighting and eating wildlife safari tiger. Counter attack the wild lion attack and smash the ferocious creature under your heavy feet. Exhibit prehistoric dinosaur power through furious tiger killing and hunting.
Both the animals are very angry and will not hold back. It will attack any wild animal that comes in its way. Create strategies for tiger attack dinosaur and how to survive against dinosaur attack with higher levels than yours in order to survive as jungle tiger survival is the only challenge. Make sure to rest before challenging, fighting and attacking deadly dinosaur creatures. One Real Dino attack can kick out the jungle king, so play smartly against the giant dinosaurs and finish it with a sharp claw attack of angry lion.
Tiger vs Dinosaur Adventure 3D features:
★ Real Tiger vs Dinosaur Survival Missions
★ Angry dinosaur fighting game
★ Real wild tiger hunting game
★ Control the beasts and defend their angry attack
★ Gain health by lion vs dino attack fighting
★ Wild animal hunting for jungle survival & dinosaur war
★ Addictive gameplay with a jungle chaos scenario
★ Realistic graphics with astounding animations
The dinosaur vs tiger 3D wild adventure game is great for animal simulation game lovers. Especially wild wild tiger & T-rex dinosaur simulator in thick African forest. If you like the kings of jungle to be in your control and reek havoc, you are going to love this animal vs animal fighting challenge simulator.
Download now Tiger vs Dinosaur Adventure 3D for wild animal simulation game lovers. The first every Dinosaur vs tiger; wild animal games that you will love for sure.


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