Pirate Ship Vs Naval Fleet Stealth Rescue Mission

Pirate Ship Vs Naval Fleet Stealth Rescue Mission

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The war has started. Commando lead your battleship and join the battle frontier. Plan strategy with your destroyer fleet to eliminate pirates in pacific ocean. Fight in sea battles with other warships against pirates ships. Command the war against merciless pirates with brand new Satellite Strikes and modern weapons. As the commanding marine gunner of this advanced armada, Sink pirate ship to become best sniper shooter of modern era!
Sea pirates have captured your naval air carrier deck, play as long range sniper shooter and kill all pirates scums in scavengers ship in a stealth rescue mission. Kill the ruthless enemy and prove your shooting skills, make sure your army ship will survive crazy waves. Play ultimate pirate adventure to become the scourge of the seas! Sail overseas, attack other scavengers ship and plunder cargo ships to become best sniper shooter. Live the life of a marine soldier and take part in ultimate naval battle. Engage fierce fights, bloody naval battles, powerful army weapons and ocean around. Navigate Use heavy machine guns and gattling guns to win the pirate wars.
Commander! Lead army strike force and shoot all rival pirates for your survival. Use powerful army weapons and even new pirate ship to sail all over the world! Show your skills, defeat legendary ships in battle to become a deadly shooter legend playing fearsome Pirate Ship Vs Naval Fleet Stealth Rescue Mission. It`s a great app for those who loves naval battles and army ship simulators! Command your fleet of naval ships! Recruit fine crew, navigate realistic navy ship, aim right to the target and define your worth as a sniper shooter captain! Sail the high seas, attack, take over, plunder and sink ships! Prove your underwater diving skills and become the best naval warrior of modern era.
Pirate Ship Vs Naval Fleet Stealth Rescue Mission Features:
5 deadly stealth rescue missions.
Third person shooting (TPS) game,
Heavy machine guns and modern weapons.
Amazing sea environment
Realistic underwater dive and 3D Graphics
Download this non-stop action game and give us your feedback, so we can make more new stealth rescue games. Pirate Ship Vs Naval Fleet Stealth Rescue Mission is an ultimate naval battle game recommended for you.


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