Modern Anti Terrorist Commando

Modern Anti Terrorist Commando

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Play the role of a hero soldier commando who joined army military to serve his country & protect every single city of it from criminals, street thugs, mafia gangsters & terrorists in this free to play 3D action filled gun shooting game. Modern Anti Terrorist Commando gives you the chance to be a commando soldier & a special agent on a special ops mission for military army at the same time. You’ll have to kill terrorists & diffuse bombs in order to save your country & each one of its city. It’s not a game, it’s a battle, a combat, a special ops army military mission!
You have served army military in various missions before. From glaciers to mountains & forests to desert you have performed your duty on all sorts of terrains like a true hero. You are knows as the finest army sniper rifle shooter with brilliant survival skills, having the experience of modern weapons & guns in various combats, battles, missions & war. Military army has once again chosen you for a special ops mission. Your mission is to infiltrate terrorist enemy’s stronghold & collect evidence while killing all the terrorists. Terrorists know that an operation is being planned against them so in order to destroy the evidences they have planted various bombs throughout the stronghold. Your mission is to diffuse all the bombs, kill all the terrorist & secure the building. Evil plans of the enemy might be fun & games for them but for you it’s a serious mission, a duty. Security of your country & each one of its city depends on how successfully you perform your duty & complete this mission. Destroy the enemy defense & kill all the terrorists to prove that you are the only true war hero. The best rifleman & sniper rifle gun shooter of the military army.
Army is providing you with modern weapons & super weapons to combat the enemy & win this war. Use the various modern weapons & military guns provided by military army to strike hard & kill the terrorists. Counter the enemy attacks to increase your chances of survival & success. This mission is no game, it will include a lot of close range shooting action so aim accurately & shoot quickly. Terrorist enemy will try to counter your attacks & strike back which you should allow him to do. Your whole city considers you a hero, be the hero of the whole country by killing all the terrorists & putting an end to their evil games once and for all. Use you sniper rifle gun to shoot the terrorists from afar or use your machine gun & pistol in a close range shooting combat. Terrorists will be ready to counter attack & strike back so be alert all the time. Villain enemy is equipped with weapons & guns like sniper rifle guns, pistol & machine guns but what they lack are the skills you have. Skills military army taught you. Survival, gun shooting, fight, combat & war battle skills that are unbeatable. You are the best rifleman & sniper rifle gun shooter. Use all your guns & sniper rifle to kill the terrorists. Save your city & your country to be the only true war hero & the best military army sniper shooter & rifleman.


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