Modern Action Survival Mission

Modern Action Survival Mission

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Get ready to enter in the most adventurous and action packed 3D game of blood & war. The real life fps (first person shooting) game of 2017 is ready to amaze you with its story and amazing actions. Grab your gun and start shooting in this Army Commando Survival game. In this game a group of Black Shadow Elite Commandos are going for a mission in a huey helicopter and suddenly helicopter engine fails and torn into pieces in an ocean near small island. Only one elite commando survived in this devastating accident. Well this game is all about the survival of this black shadow commando on a island filled with enemy forces. Mixture of survival and enemy shooting is the main concept of this game.
The last commando is highly trained and best sniper shooter. He has all the qualities to become a one man army and eliminate the whole terrorists base. This lone survivor is equiped with modern weapons ready to give you thrilling war action. This island is basically a secret base of terrorists and for his survival he has to manage food and water along with killing terrorists. This will be the best commando adventure of 2017 as it contains the frontline army battle war missions specially designed to give you a real life scene of battle field.
Some part of this island is jungle. You have to use jungle survival techniques to survive those levels. Complete the mission for which you are here. Don't worry about the weapons and animations as you have plenty of them. Just aim, shooting and killing those terrorists who destroyed peace in the world. This could be done by proper planning and tactical battle strategies. Plan your attack and use your sharp shooting skills. Front line 2017 game is full action pack game it’s absolutely free for users. Assassinate the enemies with your favorite sniper 3d weapon because you are a best commando from the army officer force.
How to Play:
There are training levels in which you can master shooting skills. Each mission gives you precise objective. There are lots of guns including beautiful sniper rifles, assault rifles, shotguns and Pistols. Upgrade your weapons by collecting gems and coins. These gems and coins is collected by completing commando missions. This game doesn't require wifi connection. so play anywhere you want and complete all the tasks.
★★US Army Commando Survival 2017 Features★★
★ Use powerful skills to fight off enemies.
★ Smooth game controls and shooting easy
★ Intuitive FPS and 3rd person controls.
★ Real looking 3D battlefield environment.
★ Realistic ballistics and shooting effects.
★ A real-time lock picking and door hacking game play.
★ Realistic to life sound effects.


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