Island Army Sniper Extreme Attack 2018

Island Army Sniper Extreme Attack 2018

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Island Army Sniper Extreme Attack 2018
Fight like a Commando on the Front line in This Sniper Game.
Gaming World Inc. proudly presents an amazing action game for you to become a secret agent. It’s a best chance for you to prove your skills in the combat. Your duty is to stay undercover and intervene into the enemy territory. Stay hidden and complete the missions without getting into sight. It’s a game of nerves for sniper commando and calculated steps towards the enemy lines. The hostile forces are well equipped and battle hardened. You need to be very careful, your one wrong step could be disastrous in best shooting game. It is very important to gather the intelligence over their week points and loop holes.
The gameplay of this Assault of fps sniper game is also full of action. There is a huge variety of powerful fire arms in the armory. You can choose the best one out of it for sniper shoots. But you need to be careful on using too many at once. The mission requirements should be considered as you have to use specific free guns in some missions. The very first mission is very simple but also should be silent as well. Then, you have to move onto a highlighted area. Here your mission status is updated and you can move over to the second one. You also have to use your sniper rifle to take out enemy army troops from long distance. There, it is also very important to find a safer place where you are cannot get spotted easily. Each mission in this shooting game will award you with cash money. You can spend this to buy more guns and ammunition.
The controls of this sniper game are very easy. You have movement controls on left and action buttons on right side of the screen. The movement of one man commando can be selected by dragging the joy pad else direction. The action buttons include aim, fire, reload and change stance and using grenades. The one man commando can change the gun by tapping the gun image on the upper left corner. Players of every age will love to play this free shooting game 2018.
Best of Luck…! 
Military Sniper Secret Mission 3D Features:
Realistic 3D graphics
Different Assault Rifles
Sniper shooting missions
Real sound effects and visuals
Different locations and tasks
Difficult levels and missions to complete
If you have no wifi, you can play Army Survival Sniper Action 3D, absolutely free.
So quickly download this interesting Secret Agent Daring Shooter 2018 offered by Gaming World Inc. available on Google Play Store on your android smart phones.


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