Frontline Battlefield Commando Combat

Frontline Battlefield Commando Combat

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Welcome to the new military world missions of frontline battlefield commando game, a new frontline modern warfare game to enhance your sniper 3d sniper expertise by targeting terrorists and invading their terrorist training camps barrack
Frontline battlefield commando is real-life modern 3D graphics & war sounds, the frontline battlefield commando game gives exhilarating experience of real life front line modern army sniper soldier and massive contract commando shooting scenarios in battlefields missions being last commando solider. As one man solider army commando in this massive war game use your ammo & explosive to find the insane enemies as frontline commando with your commando combat shoot by waging counter army attack before they shoot you in ambush. In this modern army assassin war game aim for shot to show your clean US military training skills of army shooter of special ops. Enemy not aware of your stealth in the frontline battlefields so take your first exotic shot with your sniper 3d rifles, aim like war range. Your ak47 gunshot will be heard by ultimate enemy, will have ruthless commando counter attack as counter assault so rescue your territory as last commando solider.
Please no turning back in this frontline modern warfare from your rival force in battlefields, so let the onslaught begin in this action game. In your shot apply your powerful US army training course expertise given by special forces.
Being US army trained military commando be ready to play role in this mission impossible against criminals, terrorists and underworld mafia involved in nyc subway attack with your powerful modern war machines in this ultimate battle against foreign insurgents on enemy agency payroll as diplomacy time is over. Suit up for stealth assassin 3d missions against enemy to prove your army training skills against rival forces assault. Upgrade yourself to a one man frontline army commander & eliminate a mob of terrorists and prove to be a best sniper shooter and man of steel equipped with sniper rifles and assault rifles, you will rely on your marksman skills in eliminating enemies tank machines. Being modern army commando you job is not only to eliminate the terrorist and foreign insurgents but being an army commando of modern warfare you have to be soldier survival in this battlefields as a real hitman. Develop strategic and surgical strikes on the outbound rebel and use your all armory and gun shot skills to protect civilians and shoot the enemy with your sniper 3d rifles in desert & jungles.
In this real modern combat military game, enemy is around the armory camps so invade them. Their objective is gun shoot civilians like contract killers and you are on armory shooting missions against rune warriors.
As an army commando soldier known for courage and bravery in your US military unit of mountain sniper. You are honor to strike sniper shooting to invade enemy soldiers and destroy their base camps to prevent their future attacks on civilians & humanity & disperse threats, havoc to infinity levels. Use modern sniper guns, ak 47 to shoot terrorists bravely. In this sniper duty aim & shoot opponent with fast action rpg sniping skills in clash of rivals to bring to justice with you sword action.
Frontline battlefield commando is new army sniper shooter game, So enjoy real time sniper 3d shooting (3dシューティング) with war2 sounds. Let the army assassins war begins against the antagonist.
-:Game Features of Frontline battlefield commando:-
* Unbelievable realistic modern graphics.
* Amazing next-gen bullet time effects.
* New challenging game missions.
* Shoot sniper rifles, assault rifles, machine-guns & grenades.
-: How to Play: Frontline battlefield commando:-
* Ruthless enemy will not attack with their Ak-47, till you fire your first shot.
* Sniper scope to aim at your enemies.
* Apply fire button for 3d shooting at enemy.
* Go for top sniper shooting prior onslaught.
* Golden guns will reloads automatically.


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