Final Revenge: Incredible Monster vs Flying Spider

Final Revenge: Incredible Monster vs Flying Spider

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Superheroes are turning against each other and this time the incredible monster has decided to take a final revenge from super spider heroes of the Vegas crime city in this heroic battle. Flying Super spider hero has joined the gangsters, jail criminals and mafia of the city and destroying peace. They have been controlled by strange super powers and they have forgotten they were used to be the universe defender and were super mutant hero of the open world free roam city. Get ready to play this last battle between incredible strange mutant monster city hero and flying spider superheroes in this open world action adventure simulation game.
Mr. Incredible has to take revenge from spider boy who betrayed. You have to be a true monster super hero of the city full of criminals, terrorists, gangsters and mafia. This free to roam action adventure simulation 3D open world game comes with thrilling levels and critical missions allows you to crush monster and defeat evil defenders. Become incredible shooter and to kill terrorists, gangsters, super villains and spider hero use your super mutant strange powers & combat fighting & gun shooting skills. You have to act like a super soldier in this superhero escape mission as you have got an eagle eye to crush and attack monsters, smash cities. This is a clash of monsters and you have to make heroes alliance in order to defeat super villains and villain terrorists. Destroy traffic which is controlled by strange super villains as deadly criminals are taking control of the city where weed dealer mafia is getting ready for future fight with action heroes and they are going to take help of monster warriors.
This is not an ordinary superhero fighting game where superhero fighters have to fight against super villains using their special supernatural rope to lift cars and throw them as a rope hero. This is heroes battles where you have to fight with flying heroes in this forbidden city of smashing heroes. Evil terrorists and super villains have a plan to defeat army navy, military and air force to take control over the city and make the civilian hostage. Fight along with military navy, army and air force in the battle city to protect civilian and restore peace of the city. Be a superhero, use your super mutant strange hero skills to kill flying spider heroes. Flying spider superheroes are well trained and they know how to fight with monster legend battle. This is going to be the big fight and you have to act as a big hero. This incredible fighting is going to test your incredible skills. Crime stats is on the rise and power protection of thugs is causing issues. Fighting mafia did handshake with amazing spider hero and thinking of overtaking control of the city. In this mission of heroes, you as a legend hero have to join hands with military navy, army & air force to defeat the terrorists with the help of their aircrafts, fighter jets, sniper shooters, weapons, guns & fearless commando soldiers. Not only these but military army has trained special sniper shooters & developed special steel battle mech robots for this mission. Drive, drift, drag & race cars on the city roads full of traffic, free roam the huge city, shoot the terrorists. Save your city to prove that you are the best shooter & a true super strange mutant hero in this free to play open world free roam game of the final revenge of incredible hero and super spider hero.


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- Gameplay optimization
- Improvements and bugs fixation

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