Sniper Legacy 3D: City Sniper Games

Sniper Legacy 3D: City Sniper Games

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Your city is under the gangster influence that is spreading their secret mission to take over your city. Now lead your sniper mission to eliminate your selected target and make the surety of your city’s safety.
Hi, chief! We are told your city is under the influence of some gangsters who have started a secret mission to get some classified information.
You have been trained to start such missions in limited time and now your city needs your expertise utmost. You and your sniper team are equipped with the city sniper guns, chose one, and head to your targets. Your sniper operation is comprised of three steps; in first step you will locate your targets while your second strategy must be to secure your location.
In this city sniper games play being the chief of your sniper shooting team you will lead and plan all the strategies. Your strategies should align with the sniper mission to free the hostage. After freeing the hostage, who is your fellow sniper soldier, you may engage in later plan.
Keep in mind, the only counter-measure against the enemy sniper shooters is your own sniper fire. Chief! You are going against the trained snipers and you must know to get their position by the coming flash of sniper shots. Once you find the sniper’s location then you will direct the fire against target.
In this sniper shooter games play multiple gun shooters have compromised the classified information. They’re getting on their way, now lead the city sniper team to engage specific target to prevent leakage of classified information.
Being the true and sniper man you take part in every possible action to eliminate sniper gangsters from your city.
Hi sniper chief! In this shooting free game you will be trained for the special tactics to hunt down sniper targets. When you are going after multiple gangsters/enemy snipers you must have to be prepared for any kind of counter shooting.
Improve in sniper skills in the early levels of this sniper mission games play and then go for the sniper hunt of gangsters. When gangster shooting then gets you in secret position and locks their positions.
As shots of rifle can be heard from the distance so you must engage their locations. When finally you locate/engage the location then go to acquire the target by the help of your well-hidden sniper shooter.
• Thrilling action packed sniper missions
• Stunning 3d graphics of city environment
• Realistic Sniper games play
• Learn the sniper strategies
• first totally offline sniper game


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Version 1.0(12):
1: Highly Improved User Interface
2: Improved in-game Graphics
3: New Missions added
4: Major Bug fixes

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