City Sniper Shooter Target killer

City Sniper Shooter Target killer

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Kill the entire secret criminal from the crime city!
Your task is of fighting against terrorists in the city environment. You should attack the criminals with full courage of fighting. Prove yourself as a fearless warrior in this best gunfighter game. This modern combat arena is the new game in the genre of shooting games. You have most thrilling experience of combat missions throughout the city streets. Taking sniper shots like as an elite sniper and become a best sniper headshot killer. Eliminate and shot all the bloody criminals from crime city. Aim and shoot to kill the enemy as an assassin shooter in the city streets. Survive or die; you are the last hope of the crime city.
This city sniper shooter target killer game is different from the other old age shooting games. Sniper shooter is a war based 3D game in the crime city adventure. The basic mission is to clear the city from criminal gangsters. As a brave solider you need to attack on the enemies with your sniper gun. You should make sure that all the criminals have killed. This the ultimate sniper target killer game gives you a chance to play something else other than the boring type elite commando games. You should keep your life safe because as a soldier your life is very precious. You have many bullets of the rifle as an assassin commando to complete the task. Determined your hidden enemy and kill them fast with your modern gun. Turn the city into the ultimate world war and kill every enemy with courage. Enjoy this battlefield in the crime city and make sure your victory. Shoot your targets with maximum speed. It is a city sniper shooting game to attack the terrorists. This city sniper elite strike killer game is better than the other boring type sniper games. This is a great shooting in the city streets like a zombie’s war. Let's fight with the enemies and go back them to hell.
You are a bravo sniper and performing missions in different areas of the city. Eliminate the terrorists, criminals, gangsters and enemies. This city sniper shooter target killer game is one of the best killing games. Take your deadly weapons and go for your battle mission in the city streets. You will be performing the role of a military spy soldier in the crime city. High-quality graphics brings a feeling of real shooting experience for you. Shoot and destroy the terrorist with your deadly rifles. Destroy every single settlement of enemy and kill every soldier of the enemy force. In the history of spy sniper games this the ultimate sniper target killer is most popular game. Play with your style, enter in the grand city and destroy the all black enemies. These battlefield games are required shooting, killing and fighting skills. After completing the first thrilling level you could permute to the next deadly level. Each level is more difficult than the previous level. Soon kill all the criminals; otherwise, they will kill you. You have limited bullets and limited time. There are many innocent people are walking on the highway city roads and in city streets. Avoid to killing them. Kill only enemies, gangsters and criminals in the crime city. Are you ready to face all the deadly challenges of this City Sniper Target killer adventure? Do you think that you can kill all the gangsters from the crime city? If answer is yes then be ready to survive all the guerrilla missions of this city sniper contract 3d killer game. Good luck!
city sniper shooter target killer Features:
Great game play with multi and entertaining missions
Ultra 3D and HD graphics with cool animations
Plenty of thrilling missions
Modern guns and mortal weapons
Smooth and advance controls with advanced radar system
It’s totally free to play.
So get it now from Google play store for your android devices.
Quickly download this interesting game 2017.


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