Castle Creeps Battle

Castle Creeps Battle

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Castle Creeps Battle is the ultimate PvP tower defense strategy game! Clash with opponents from across the globe! Defend your Castle whilst destroying your enemies’ defenses! Collect cards to upgrade your forces! Outsmart your foes in real time combat! Build the ultimate Battle Deck and dominate the Arenas! Risk it all for glory and Gold! Do you have what it takes to survive!?
Download for free today and let the battle commence...
Game Features
* Four Heroes to choose from, each with their own special ability!
* 12 different Tower combinations! Customise your defense!
* 22 unique troops to create your own deadly army!
* A diverse range of spells; Blast, Spikes, Regeneration, Frenzy, Freeze, and Plague!
* 36 cards to collect and upgrade, featuring your favorite Castle Creeps minions!
* 10 Arenas to dominate! The more you risk, the more you win!
* Create your own Clan, or take on the world alone!
* Leagues, Competitions, and Events!
* Exceptionally strategic PvP combat, created by the team of TIGA 2017 ‘Best Strategy Game’ Castle Creeps TD!
* A Battle may be won, but the war is never over! A challenger is always waiting!
Coming Soon
* Black Market: You shouted, we heard! Strengthen your deck and defenses with some sneaky card upgrades.
* Friend PvP Battles: Challenge your friends directly to show them who’s boss!
* New Hero... a game changer! Can you handle it!?
“Outplay have integrated usual MOBA mechanics, like defensive towers and the minion AI. The result is an amazing PvP arena that takes the classic card game to a whole new level with a very friendly interface.​”​ - Loot Gaming (9.2/10)


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- Hero Towers are more deadly than ever, with unique attacks from each Hero!
- Enjoy smoother gameplay with a tweaked Elixir system!
- Rebalanced Hero Elixir costs.
- More free Chests, and shorter unlock times with new advert options!
- Clan Leaders can now manage join requests with the new Request Inbox.
- Band together with your Clan, earn the most battle chips and take top position on the leaderboard!

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