من سيربح المليونين

من سيربح المليونين

حجم 22.3MB

من سيربح المليونين

من سيربح المليونين

" العقل "
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Game brings you the famous television program and game questions and answers of cultural novelty and win two million new way to play.
No longer million and one million, but two million.
This version game Totkm new feature will make play sweeter and enjoyable: can now play and enjoy daily competitions thanks renewable questions daily in all areas. Enough pressure on "everyday competition" from the list and choose the competition and start play.
Download answer Fifteen culturally question to win a million SR
The game features:
- two ways to play: play in a systematic way and play quickly.
- gradient in the difficult questions.
- an origin had to add a fourth to help change the question after question X.
- the use of sounds in a way to call a friend for help.
- Use sounds and guidance at all stages of game play Anz systematic way.
- The possibility of withdrawal and keep the balance.
- The possibility of reviewing all the latest questions and answers game and reading information and additional details related question (for reading additional information must be available on connected Balent)
- View your name and check carries the amount collected.
- Possibility crediting and referenced see checks anytime.
- Control in the game voice commands
Audio controls in the game:
You must first be available contact Al Balent
Then select Arabic as a language voice search as follows:
Press the Menu button
Press the settings
Select Language and Input
Select Voice Search
Click on the language option
Then choose Arabic
Control in the game voice Use the following sentences after you click on the audio button control:
Say to delete two answers: Delete or two answers say: delete two answers
Contact Tell a friend: call a friend or say: Call a friend
The public opinion taken it say: help or tell the audience: Ask audience
To change the question Say: Change the question or tell: Switching Question
To select answer A. Say: I answer or say: A. answered or just saying the name of the character: A.
To choose answer B Say second answer or Say answer B or Just saying the name of the character: B
To choose answer C. Say: Third answer or say: Jim answer or saying the only character Name: Jim
To choose D. answer Say: Fourth answered or say: D. answered or just by saying the name of the character: D.
To withdraw from the game say: withdrawal or say: withdraw
You activate the automatic hearing to answer your voice settings feature:
Go to Settings and click on the audio control and enter the number of seconds after the game listen to your answer



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