3D Subway Terrorist Attack

3D Subway Terrorist Attack

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There is a terrorist attack on city subway station! Terrorist’s gang have taken hold of the subway station. Terrorist also have hostages. Counter terrorist team get ready! Gather your weapons, guns and rifles and be a part of special force operation. The situation is very tense inside the subway station; terrorist are having fully automatic rifles and machine gun. So beware and strike when you have a clear shot on the target. Use your years of special force and marine training. Subway terrorist attack game is an extreme cross firing game between terrorist forces and army commandos. Be on the frontline and lead your gunners’ team to clear the subway and rescue the hostages.
Further you will face real time ops operations complications like shooting with ultimate precision to avoid civilians’ causalities. If you kill a friendly target your missions will fail. So aim at target and take clear shot. This military game is as much fun as any prison guard sniper or army sniper game. This game contains realistic graphics of war zone and amazing game play which will take you to the next level of adventure and action.
This game is consisting of multiple missions in which you will takedown terrorist in step to step strategy. You will have to clear the whole subway station from these enemies of state. You have limited ammo so make each bullet count.
Now download this shooting simulator game and have fun!


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